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6 Mouthwatering Ideas for Leftover Pizza Slices

Pizza is probably the most dynamic food item in the modern world. As it bears much potential in flavours and ingredients, this dough-based food is the meal that defines the 21st century. Whether you plan to enjoy a hot one fresh out of the oven, a cold one from the fridge while hungover, or just have a ton of pizza from the night before, possibilities to enjoy it are endless.

Pizza lasts a long time if stored properly. It can offer you days of good food when you turn it into a brand new dish. Omega Pizza has been serving the best pizza in Surrey, and we are here to tell you that the leftovers from the pizza delivery you have include plenty of potentials. Here is a guide to some meals you can make with your slices:

Pizza Rolls!

Rolling up your slices while adding vegetables like arugula and alfalfa will make an excellent meal for the next day. You can even use deli meats and cheese to ramp up flavours. These rolled slices are easy to pack for your meal at work or school since it’s an easy eat. The dynamic nature of pizza never ceases to amaze; even our team at Omega Pizza is in constant awe, and we’ve been in the pizza industry for a while.

Hot Pockets!

If you own a waffle iron, you can throw a leftover pizza folded and trimmed to the waffle maker’s size, put some extra cheese and meats into the middle and seal it using the maker. The result is a crispy calzone that is healthier than frozen hot pockets from the local grocery store.

A Quiche is a Winner!

If you like eggs and you like pizza, why not combine the two? Put the pizza in a pan, scramble a few eggs, add some veggies, cheese, and meats, and then pour them on top. Stick it in the oven until the eggs are cooked, and you have a protein-rich quiche. Trust us; you’ll never go back to eating your leftover pizzas any other way.

Mozzarella Sticks!

By wrapping your pizzas around a frozen mozzarella cheese stick, you can bake these in the oven to have them melt for that gooey goodness. Create a kickass marinara sauce to complement its flavour and dip it in. Make a dip for yourself, so you don’t get called out for double-dipping. Trust us; you’ll want more marinara any day.

Sandwiches for Days!

If you want a unique burger, why not make two grilled cheese pizza sandwiches? The grilled cheese pizza sandwich can be made using a panini press and a ton of cheese, which can then be used in place of burger buns. This dish may be an artery clogger, but who doesn’t wanna let go every once in a while?

Pizza Lasagna

Lots of meat? Lots of cheese? Lots of PIZZA? Your traditional lasagna has pasta sheets, but maybe it’s time to try making layers of pizza with the meat and cheese. You’ll end up with a carbohydrate-rich dream, which you and your friends and family will enjoy. With all the toppings on the pizza mixing in with the rich meaty goodness, your new lasagna will be a hit!


Pizza is delicious and versatile, and these ideas prove just how much you can do with the pie. There are probably way more that people have experimented with, but these are some ideas to get you started on exploring the world of leftover pizzas. We warn you, though, that these recipes will be hard to kick once you have tasted the greatness that isn’t a cold leftover pizza.

Omega Pizza is the best pizza in Surrey, serving different locations and a variety of family favourites. Whether you crave wings, pizza, or other Italian goodies, Omega Pizza will scratch the itch. Order online today and get ready for a world of flavours delivered to your doorstep.

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