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How to Choose a Pizza and Wings Combination for Game Night

Game Nights are some of the most awaited gatherings of hardcore sports fans. Groups of friends come together to spend the evening watching the sports channel on TV, cheering their favourite teams while eating good food and drinking cheap beer. It’s simply not complete during these special events without the staple chicken wings and pizza combos from your favourite diner.

If you’re hosting the next Game Night and you’re wondering what combination wings and pizza deals you’re supposed to get for you and your friends, then keep on reading below for some tips to help you decide!

Pizza and Wings Combinations

For Those Who Love a Spicy Flavor

For people who have an unbeatable tolerance to spice, you can never go wrong with the classic buffalo chicken wings. Its sauce produces heat mixed with the right amount of vinegar to give it a blend of a spicy and sour kick to get you going. Dip the wings in blue cheese and eat them with celery to balance out the seasoning.

Suppose you don’t want to overwhelm your taste buds since you’re already receiving the right combination of flavours. In that case, you can consider getting a buffalo-flavoured pizza to amplify what you already have! If you want something different, a pizza with a creamy base or toppings can stabilize the fiery blend that buffalo sauce brings to the table.

For Those Who Like it Sweet

For people who like their food sweetened, another great combination is choosing teriyaki chicken wings and Hawaiian pizza. People who are into pineapples on pizza take the cake this time with this combo! These two dishes offer sugary flavours that aren’t too much—making them the perfect pair for Game Night.

The pineapples on a Hawaiian pizza offer a honeyed taste equalized by the salty bacon toppings, balancing each other out well—especially if you still have teriyaki wings on your plate. But in case you’d like a different flavour, you can opt for a spicy type of pizza that has different kinds of meat on it, so you still have all kinds of sweet and savoury food to hold onto.

For Those Who Prefer a Juicy Taste

If you’re looking for a taste that’s a mixture of spicy, sweet, and savoury, you can count on barbecue chicken wings to give you the ultimate juicy flavour that surely hits home. You’re sure to experience the delicious taste with each bite.

If you want to pair them with a barbecue flavoured pizza, that’s totally fine. You’ll have layers of barbecue-flavoured goodness that’s smoky and saccharine that it’ll feel like a rollercoaster for your taste buds. Once you feel the drop, you’ll stay on the ride for another round.

How to Come Up with Your Own Menu

Order Different Flavors

Since you’re in charge of the Game Night, the best thing to do is simply order different pizza and wings flavours, so your guests have options to choose from. If you have any vegetarian friends coming over, don’t forget to get a veggie pizza for them!

Maximize Your Options

By providing an array of flavours consisting of sweet, salty, spicy, and savoury dishes and snacks, your guests will never get tired of eating and will be satisfied the whole time. Weighing out the flavours allows your taste buds to adjust and prepare you for another round of delightful food.

Offer Other Finger Food Items

Aside from your main dishes, you also have the option to provide other finger food that’s easy to grab and munch on during commercials, conversations, and breaks. What’s excellent about finger food is you aren’t required to use a plate or utensils all the time.


When it comes to finding the perfect combination of wings and pizza, you can always try the safe route and mix classic flavours or try experimenting with different flavours for a change. There’s no right and wrong when it comes to food—after all, no matter what you choose, people love to eat—so they will always say yes to wings and pizza! If you really need an expert’s opinion, ask your local pizza place to help you decide on your next Game Night’s menu.

Are you looking for a pizza delivery service in Surrey to stock you up with the best snacks for Game Night? Omega Pizza & Wings offers an array of pizza and wings combo deals that will definitely keep the party going. Connect with us and satisfy your pizza cravings today!

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