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Call for take out or delivery in Surrey and Delta Omega Pizza & Wings has been serving Surrey and Delta with the best pizza & wings and service for over 18 years. With a variety of pizzas & wings to choose from, we can satisfy any craving. An as always, our toppings are fresh cut daily and our cheese will always be 100% mozzarella.



Order From Newton

King George Customer Reviews

R_OK6 _
really good pizza
the pizza is really good
Dareil O.
Best pizza
Great costumer service
Manjeet S.
I came here the pizza is really good the prices are good the service is pretty fast
Sukhwinder S.
Cheap prices and good pizza and the service is pretty fast they always have slices
Samira A.
Best pizza ever
great food and service
Gavin T.
There pizza is great.
javraj P.
This pizza is great. Very yummy 😋
Harjeet D.
Great pizza love this!!!!
agent S.
Pizza is really good
kabir F.
Very good service
Arman Music P.
Best tasting pizza and amazing service
Amrinder S.
Great pizza
Krish M
Great Pizza
Tirtah S.
Great pizza and great service
Today is the third time I have been to Omega! The first time my veggie pizza was delicious! The second time my veggie lasagna was very greasy and Iam not sure if that was garlic bread or leftover hot dog buns with some garlic butter. Today I ordered delivery, fast service, my pizza was delicious, the veggie lasagna is greasy but the man on the phone was kind enough to substitute orange juice for the pop that came with the order since I don't drink pop. I absolutely recommend the pizza!
Sahil S.
really good pizza and cheap try there slices!!
Manjodh S.
Really great service and food is really good.
Gurveer T.
I love omega pizza
make a tree house in the tree D.
Good pizza.
Jovan P.
very good pizza, crust was good
Love this
Their is delicious and the service was great
Arman G.
Great pizza and service
Amitoz S.
Good pizza
Nishant S.
Amazing pizza
snoily S.
Always gives nice and hot pizza and very cheap
Clayton F.
Good pizza.
literally the best pizza in the world i definitely recommend
Ryan F.
Would give 5 star if I didn't have to cut the slices myself
Josh A.
Great pizza
J B.
Best pizza
armaan K.
Amazing pizza and place
Razer R.
Amazing pizza. I recommend it to everyone who comes by!
Alpha V.
This pizza is the best
Mo B.
Best pizza ever
Fꪋꪀꪇ᥉ ᥉.
The pizza is good
Swapn J.
Extremely tasty, affordable price and close to my school.
Great location near my school, affordable and very tasty. 👍
H. S.
Very delicious pizza with great customer service!

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