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Top 3 Best Beer And Pizza Pairings You Should Try

Pizza is the ultimate staple comfort food across the world – delighting the taste buds from different favorites like New York’s finest, Chicago’s best, to Neapolitan classics. Pizza often brings people together, so it’s no surprise that life’s simplest pleasures are paired with a communal beverage like beer.

People craving to unwind often reach for a beer on one hand with a perfect slice on the other, but there are certain pairings that complement each other’s notes like wine and cheese. You can take the dining experience to the next level by knowing the perfect pairings for two of the best gastronomic inventions on earth, so here’s our take on the best combinations:

1. Margherita Pizza And Pilsner

There’s no secret recipe behind a great Margherita pizza. The ingredients and process are straightforward, taking the guesswork out of every bite as it ignites your love affair with the basics of pizza: dough, sauce, and cheese.

Sometimes simple offers more to your taste buds, so why not pair the perfectly delicate slice with something as equally pure as Pilsner Urquell? Also known as the original pilsner, this beer promotes hoppy undertones that counterbalance the fattiness of the cheese and highlights the freshness of basil.

2. Pepperoni Pizza And Pale Lager

Dough, cheese, and sauce are enough to create an addicting bite, but adding pepperoni to the mix can spice up the entire dish with its bold, smoky flavor. Seeing as pepperoni pizza is a flavor bomb already with its abundance of spices, drinking a lighter beverage such as pale lager can tone down the strength.

The malty taste gives a bittersweet taste, rounding off the heat from the pepperoni and giving it a smoother finish.

3. Meat Lovers Pizza And Witbier

Meat lover’s pizza is the ultimate indulgence as it embraces maximalism in every slice, proof that too much of a good thing can be better. Each bite will take your taste buds for a flavorsome ride as it introduces spice, tartiness, creaminess, and fattiness all in one take.

While there’s nothing wrong with relishing the bold flavors of a meat lover’s pizza, you can wash off the fattiness and cleanse your palette for more by pairing it with the dry, honey-like essence of a witbier. It has a thick yet silky smooth mouthfeel that clears the greasiness of your meatrstrosity, while the subtle, sweet hints highlight the spicy edge of the toppings.

The Bottom Line:

Indulging In The Perfect Comfort Food With Different Beer And Pizza Pairings

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