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Want to Throw the Ultimate Pizza Party – Follow These 3 Steps

Pizza parties are great for people of any age, whether it’s for your children’s group of friends or a gathering of old college buddies. Since the celebration’s main event is a dish that anyone can enjoy, it’s easy to do and set up. Although you don’t need a formal method to follow when setting up a pizza party, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t give an extra “oomph” to your event.

How to arrange the ultimate pizza party

A pizza party can happen anywhere at any time, especially since most pizzerias usually offer 24/7 delivery services. The timeless dish isn’t that complicated to serve. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t make it stand out as a dinner party idea.

If you’re planning to throw the ultimate pizza party with your friends, here are three steps you should follow:

Step 1: Settle on your party's theme

Hosting a party is all about ambiance, which is why presentation plays a huge role in your event’s theme. For example, drinking soda and beer straight from a can creates a casual and informal environment. However, placing your beverages in a pitcher on the rocks gives you a more coordinated and formal direction.

The same rule of presentation applies to how you present your food. Although pizza is well-known for being an on-the-go dish, that doesn’t stop gourmet restaurants from including it in their menus.

You have numerous options to choose from if you want to introduce some style to your pizza selections. You can bring out your dinnerware and serve them individually on your best plates, or have it placed ala carte on slates or rustic wood boards. Your presentation affects your party’s theme and vice-versa, which is why you need to first settle on your party’s ambiance.

Step 2: Pair your pizza with the right beverages

No party is complete without free-flowing drinks of different flavors. Pizza can accommodate a range of palates, from those who love sweet and tangy toppings to people who prefer salty and cheesy concoctions.

Pizza’s roots come from Italy’s culturally diverse nation, which is why pairing it with wine is a no-brainer. Pizza can be a diverse complement to different wine options of reds, whites, and rosés.

Thankfully, drinks won’t be an issue if you’re smart about preparing it beforehand. If you want to avoid going on last-minute beverage runs, it’s best to pre-order your drinks. It’s up to you whether you’re going for a healthy pack of juices or planning to experiment with cocktails and wines. A pizza party with any drink of your choice will be a great time either way.

Step 3: Include everyone's favorite pizza flavors

Everyone has their own taste preferences for pizza, which is why it’s such a popular delicacy. Many restaurants have a wide selection of flavors for their customers, while others offer custom-made boxes of their customers’ choosing. Offering to do a potluck for your party will be an excellent way to share everyone’s favorite pizza. Doing so will set a smorgasbord of unique selections that fit well, like the diverse toppings on a cheese-laden pan pizza.


After following the steps above, you’ll surely get an organized and spectacular pizza event with the smallest amount of preparation. Sometimes, an occasion doesn’t need the grandest components to be a memorable event. Sharing a good time with people that matter to you and the food you love is all it takes to make it successful.

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